The Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford is an internationally renowned centre of excellence for teaching and research. The study of these disciplines at Oxford has a long and distinguished history and the department is now one of the largest in the field in the UK.


The Department has a superbly accomplished and diverse faculty. Our approach to teaching and research is pluralistic and rigorous. We are committed to enabling our students to follow their own interests while providing them with an excellent grounding in the discipline and an advanced understanding of the tools available to them.... read more


We seek to deepen scholarly understanding of government, politics and international relations and to contribute to practical solutions to problems of power, conflict and injustice in political and social life. Our research is organised through the three intersecting fields of Comparative Politics and Government, Political Theory and International Relations... read more


Our large community of academic staff work in research areas that extend in geographical scope across the globe, cover both historical and contemporary sources, and address technical, practical, and philosophical problems in networks that extend beyond the DPIR to other departments, universities, and global and local organisations.... read more

About DPIR

The Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford is one of the largest units for research in and the teaching of international relations, politics, government and political theory. Our work is directed to advance our disciplines. We create theoretical frameworks for the study and analysis of new objects of study using advanced research methods and we develop techniques for gathering, handling, processing and analysing data. ... read more

Politics in Spires Blog

‘We are Sierra Leoneans, not Slaves’: Contesting citizenship in Freetown

In the summer of 2013, Freetown’s King Jimmy Bridge collapsed. This was around a decade after the end of Sierra Leone’s civil war, and a year before the outbreak of the deadly...