Politics and International Relations

Graduate Student

Degree Course: DPhil in Politics

Supervisor: Associate Professor Patricia M. Thornton

Website: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~corp1598/

Mr Siu-yau Lee

Research Topic: Explaining Institutional Changes in Authoritarian States: Language Management and Resistance in Contemporary China

Academic Profile

My research interests include language politics, institutional changes, nationalism, ethnic conflicts, China, and housing policies. My doctoral research, which is funded by Swire Educational Trust, is on institutional changes and language politics in contemporary China.

Previously I was awarded a China Research Award from the University of Oxford and a Lord Fulton Memorial Prize from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was a visiting student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Areas of Specialisation

Comparative Politics, Political Institutions 


2009. (With Wing-leung Ng et al.). Xianggang Datujie (Hong Kong Illustrated). Hong Kong: SoftRepublic.

2008. (With Gary Tang, Joseph Li, Steve Chung, and Raymond Yuen). Tongshi Cidian (Dictionary of General Education) v.2. Hong Kong: Roundtable Publishing.

2007. (With Gary Tang, Joseph Li, Steve Chung, and Ka-kit Chan). Tongshi Cidian (Dictionary of General Education) v.1. Hong Kong: Roundtable Publishing.


Forthcoming. “Defining Correctness: The Tale of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.” Modern China.

2012. “Homeownership and Political Legitimacy: A Case Study of Hong Kong and Singapore.” Politics 32:1, pp. 52-64. (With Yim-fong Yu).

2008. “Capability as freedom? The foundations of Amartya Sen’s capability approach.” Civilitas (student journal) 1, pp. 4-33. (Winner of Chung Chi College Academic Award 2008-2009).


Conference Papers and Presentations

2011. “Home-ownership, legitimacy and democracy: A case study of Hong Kong and Singapore.” Paper presented at Durham Contemporary East Asia Workshop, 13th-14th October (Durham University).

2011. “Why are there so many ‘low quality’ dictionaries in China?” Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the China Postgraduate Network, 28th-30th June (London School of Economics and Political Science).  

2011. “The War on Language: Language Management and Resistance in Contemporary China.” Paper presented at The Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, 13th-26th June (Syracuse University).

2009. “Is China going green? Dictionaries, state building and ecological ethics in contemporary China.” Paper presented at the Threefold Ecstasis of Sky, Earth and Human Conference, 14th-16th October (Shandong University and Hong Kong Shue Yan University). 


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