Politics and International Relations

Affiliation: Politics

Post: Associate Professor of Political Theory, Asa Briggs Fellow, Worcester College

E-mail:  zofia.stemplowska [AT] politics.ox.ac.uk

Phone Number:  01865 288331

College: Worcester College

Office Address:  Worcester College, Oxford

Research Interest Areas:

Associate Professor Zofia Stemplowska (BA, MPhil, DPhil)

Post: Associate Professor of Political Theory, Asa Briggs Fellow, Worcester College

Research Areas and Interests

I am mostly interested in the problem of what people owe to each other as a matter of domestic, global and historical (post war) justice. I am also interested in the debate about ideal and nonideal theory: the problem of how to make theories of justice relevant to urgent, real world problems while avoiding ad hoc theorizing and defeatism.

Research keywords: contemporary political philosophy, global justice, distributive justice, rights, egalitarianism, responsibility and luck, collective responsibility, jus post bellum, ideal and nonideal theory

Previous Posts Held

I joined Oxford in September 2012 from Warwick where I was Associate Professor of Political Theory. Before that I was Lecturer in Political Theory at Reading, Lecturer in Political Philosophy at Manchester and a Barbara McCoy Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate: tutorials in Political Theory (Prelims and the core Honours paper) and further optional history of political theory papers.

Graduate: (with Adam Swift) core M.Phil/M.Sc Political Theory class; (with Simon Caney) Graduate Political Theory Seminar.



Responsibility and Distributive Justice (edited with Carl Knight), Oxford University Press, 2011

Articles and chapters:

'Rescuing Luck Egalitarianism from History', Journal of Social Philosophy, forthcoming

'Harmful Choices: Scanlon and Voorhoeve on Substantive Responsibility', Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (2013): 488-507

‘Rawls on Ideal and Nonideal Theory’ (with Adam Swift), Jon Mandle and David Reidy (eds), The Blackwell Companion to Rawls, Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming

‘Luck Egalitarianism’, Gerald Gaus and Fred D'Agostino (eds),The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy, Routledge, 2012, 389-400

'Theory, Ideal Theory and the Theory of Ideals' (with Alan Hamlin), Political Studies Review 10 (2012): 48-62

‘Ideal and Nonideal Theory’ (with Adam Swift), David Estlund (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2012, 373-89

‘Responsibility and Distributive Justice’ (with Carl Knight), Responsibility and Distributive Justice, Oxford University Press, 2011, 1-23

‘Responsibility and Respect’, Responsibility and Distributive Justice, Oxford University Press, 2011, 115-35 [but I wish I had called it 'Three Models of Responsibility Sensitive Egalitarianism']

‘On the Real World Duties Imposed on Us by Human Rights’, Journal of Social Philosophy 40 (2009): 466-87

‘Making Justice Sensitive to Responsibility’, Political Studies 57 (2009): 237-59

‘What’s Ideal About Ideal Theory?’,Social Theory and Practice 34 (2008): 319-40. Re-printed in Tom D. Campbell and Alejandra Mancilla (eds), Theories of Justice, Ashgate, 2012

‘Worth the Paper It's Written On: A Comment on Carole Pateman and Charles W. Mills's Contract and Domination’, Journal of Political Ideologies 13 (2008): 228-33

'Holding People Responsible for What They Do Not Control', Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7 (2008): 355-77

Some working papers:

‘Sen's Modest Justice’

‘Doing More Than One’s Fair Share’

‘Dignified Morality’ (with Matthew Clayton)

'The Asymmetry Objection Rides Again: On the Nature and Significance of Justificatory Disagreement' (with Timothy Fowler)

‘Financial Inclusion, Education and Human Rights’ (with Kimberley Brownlee)

‘Trapped in an Experience Machine with a Famous Violinist: Thought Experiments in Normative Theory’ (with Kimberley Brownlee)

Some other items:

‘What Did the Poles Do? Jan T. Gross and the Understanding of a Nation’, Times Literary Supplement, 11 June 2012

‘Introduction’ (with Kimberley Brownlee), Symposium on Joseph Raz on Value, Reasons, and Respect, Ethics 120 (2010): 209-211

‘Ronald Dworkin’, in D. Brack and E. Randall (eds), Dictionary of Liberal Thought, Politico’s Publishing, 2007, 97-99

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