Keyword: Electoral systems

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Malu A. C. Gatto

Research topic: Electoral Reform in Latin America, Gender Quotas

Professor Ben Ansell

Professor of Comparative Democratisation, Nuffield College, Director of Graduate Students Professional Training

Professor Sir David Butler

Emeritus Fellow, Nuffield College

Associate Professor Paul Chaisty

Associate Professor of Russian Government, St Antonys College

Professor Andrew Eggers

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in Comparative Government, Director of the Oxford Q-Step Centre, Fellow of Nuffield College

Professor Geoffrey Evans

Professor in the Sociology of Politics, Official Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College

Dr Jane Gingrich

Associate Professor of Comparative Political Economy, Magdalen

Robin Harding

Associate Professor of Government, Tutorial Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall

Dr David Hine

Associate Professor of Politics and Student of Christ Church

Dr Spyros Kosmidis

Departmental Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Professor Iain McLean

Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, Nuffield College

Professor Petra Schleiter

Professor of Comparative Politics and Tutorial Fellow (St Hilda's College)

Mr Jaemin Shim

Research topic: The Effects of Political Institutions on Welfare Politics in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan

Professor James Tilley

Professor of Politics and Fellow of Jesus College

Related News

Karina Gould becomes Canadian Minister of Democratic Institutions

11th Jan 2017

Congratulations to Karina Gould (MPhil International Relations, 2011) who has been appointed as Minister of Democratic Institutions in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle yesterday.

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Stephen Fisher discusses why the political polls got it wrong (again)

11th Nov 2016

Stephen Fisher has appeared on the Howard Bentham show on BBC Radio Oxford (10 November) to talk about the major US election polls that got the results wrong.

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Vuk Vukovic writes about the science of political polling

4th Nov 2016

Vuk Vukovic, a departmental DPhil student in politics, has written an article for the New Scientist (3 November) calling for a more scientific approach to political polls.

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Scot Peterson explains why Theresa May can’t just call a general election

27th Oct 2016

Scot Peterson has written an article for the Guardian (25 October) about the current difficulties that prevent the Prime Minister from calling a snap election.

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Geoffrey Evans explains why he feels Tony Blair is the real architect of Brexit

5th Jul 2016

Geoffrey Evans was one of a group of academics who spoke in a televised seminar entitled "Britain's European vote: The Outcome and Implications of the EU Referendum on EU membership"  for the BBC Parliament channel (30 June).

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Petra Schleiter receives a British Academy award

6th May 2016

Congratulations to Petra Scheiter, who has been awarded a British Academy small grant for a project entitled 'Fairness and Voter Reactions to Government Opportunism'.

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'The Fourth Social Democracy' by Agustín Basave

28th Jan 2016

Agustín Basave (DPhil in Politics, 1985) has published a book entitled 'La cuarta socialdemocraticia' (The Fourth Social Democracy).

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Udit Bhatia writes on how India's Haryana act excludes citizens from the democratic process

14th Dec 2015

Udit Bhatia has written an article for The Huffington Post (11 December) on how the Indian Supreme Court's upholding of the Haryana Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Act, 2015 will mean that candidates in Panchayat elections will be excluded if they don't have sufficient educational qualifications.

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Alexander Noyes writes on how to defeat a ruler whose family has been in power for 50 years

28th Jul 2015

Alexander Noyes and Ekoutiamé A. Ahlin have co-authored an article for the Washington Post's 'Monkey Cage' blog (23 July) about President Faure Gnassingbé of Togo, entitled "Can you defeat a ruler whose family has been in power for nearly 50 years? Some lessons for Togo's opposition".

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Stephen Fisher appointed to panel to find out what went wrong with the election forecasts

8th Jun 2015

The day after the UK general election the British Polling Council announced that, together with the Market Research Society, it was going to have an inquiry into what went wrong with the forecasts.  Stephen Fisher has been appointed to its panel.

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Stephen Fisher explains what went wrong with the opinion polls

28th May 2015

Last week, Stephen Fisher and Chris Hanretty (University of East Anglia) gave a talk at Merton College entitled 'Interpreting the UK election results and why the opinion polls got it wrong'.  Both Stephen and Chris worked on (separate) polls that were the basis for many people's predictions on the election result, and Stephen was a member of the team that produced the exit poll that proved such a surprise to pundits and public alike.

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Stephen Fisher helps produce the General Election exit poll

8th May 2015

At around 10pm last night, the voting public was surprised by an exit poll that seemed to indicate a very different outcome to the one that many had been expecting.  One of the 5 people responsible for producing this exit poll was Stephen Fisher, whose blog Elections Etc has been one of the key sources for polling predictions in the media for the past year.

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Petra Schleiter comments on what happens if there is a hung parliament

7th May 2015

Petra Schleiter has been quoted in a Guardian article entitled 'Can a second-placed party in an election legitimately call the shots?' (5 May), in which she talks about the “democratic and electoral logic” of giving the largest single party the first chance to assembe a government.

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Decision 2015: our special blog series on the General Election

7th May 2015

Today is General Election day in the United Kingdom.  What are the predicted outcomes, and how can we accurately forecast the vote? What would a coalition government look like?  How will Britain’s relationship with the European Union develop after May 2015?  What is the future of party politics in Britain, and what constitutional issues will the future government face?

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