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In the Department of Politics and International Relations, we train the very best. By supporting the department, you can further the work and futures of the world's most talented doctoral researchers and the future education of generations of undergraduate and graduate students.

The department at Oxford is one of the best in the world, and one of the largest. Size matters. It builds networks of academics, and allows for cross-fertilisation between different branches of the discipline. Our strength also lies in our unique capacity to understand global and regional perspectives, combining the highest level disciplinary teaching and research skills with deep knowledge of the regions or the world. The success of our alumni worldwide is testament to the complex linkages between top-quality research and real world impact.

Our current funding priorities are:

Graduate Students

In order to continue to attract the brightest and most capable students, we need to offer an increased number of student scholarships at graduate level. Lack of funding is the overriding reason why those holding an offer from Oxford turn it down. All gifts will make an impact, be they one-off or annual donations, as small amounts will be amalgamated to create the financial packages we seek to offer.

Please read our leaflet ‘Investing in the Future: supporting the next generation of talented scholars’ to find out more.

Teaching Posts

Attracting and maintaining academics of the highest calibre is an increasing challenge in a competitive environment. Oxford needs to ensure that it is still the most desirable destination for world-class scholars. Endowing existing and new posts allows a degree of security which facilitates this process.

The department is also fundraising for a University Fulbright Chair in International Relations. For more information about this, please see the Fulbright Prospectus

Further information, including how you can make a donation to the department, can be found on the DPIR Campaign Page.

We are most grateful for any contribution you can make to the ongoing development of the department.

The Department of Politics and International Relations is part of Oxford Thinking, the Campaign for the University of Oxford