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Gideon Elford

Gideon Elford

Departmental Lecturer in Politics
Political Theory
+44 01865 278836
New College

Distributive justice, with particular emphasis on equality, agency and responsibility; freedom and autonomy; freedom of expression; ideal/non-ideal theory; applied ethics.

Political Theory Equality Freedom and Choice International ethics and global justice Liberalism Rights and justice

Undergraduate: Introduction to Politics: The Theory and Practice of Democracy; Theory of Politics; History of Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau

Graduate: Theory of Politics

Survey Article: Relational Equality and Distribution (Journal of Political Philosophy 2017)

'Discrimination and Education' in K. Lippert-Rasmussen (ed.) Routledge Handbook to Discrimination

The Symmetry of Responsibilty (Journal of Social Philosophy 2016)

Preserving fairness: Williams against Cohen on just inequality (Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 2016)

Social Class, Merit and Equality of Opportunity in Education (Res Publica 2016)

Pains of Perseverance: Agent-Centred Prerogatives, Burdens and the Limits of Human Motivation (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2015)

Men Who Would Be Kings: Choice, Inequality, and Counterfactual Responsibility (Social Theory and Practice 2012)

Equality of Status and Distributive Equality (The Journal of Value Inquiry 2012)

Reclaiming Two Concepts of Liberty (Philosophy Politics and Economics 2012)

Equality, Choice and Alternatives: Why Reasonable Avoidability Matters (Ethical Perspectives 2012)

Equality of Opportunity and Other-Affecting Choice: Why Luck Egalitarianism Does Not Require Brute Luck Equality (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2011)