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Mr Ebenezer Azamati

Research topic: Illiberal great powers and the liberal peace in a contested world order

Prof. Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Mr. Sam Daws

Director, Project on UN Governance and Reform, Centre for International Studies

Farsan Ghassim

Research topic: Survey experiments on world public opinion about global democracy and governance

Ms Josie Lianna Kaye

Research topic: The Business of Peace and the Politics of Inclusion: What Role for Local ‘Licit’ and ‘Illicit’ Business Actors in Peace Mediation?

Mr Marco Moraes

Research topic: The League of Nations secretariat and internationalism in the interwar period

Lara Olson

Research topic: Linking Good and Bad Civil Society: How Local Networks Promote Peace or Renewed Violence in Protracted Civil Wars

Mr Patrick Quinton-Brown

Research topic: The Non-Aligned Movement and the Legitimate Use of Force

Professor Sir Adam Roberts

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics & International Relations

Professor Andrea Ruggeri

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College

Related News

OMS launches new programme with Prof Richard Caplan

29th Apr 2019

The Oxford Martin School has launched a new research programme led by Professors Jim Hall (Oxford), Steve Rayner (Oxford), and DPIR's Richard Caplan.

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'After Exit': UN Peacekeeper project awarded ESRC funding

4th Feb 2019

Professor Richard Caplan and colleagues have been awarded nearly £900,000 by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for a new project on the aftermath of United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping missions - assessing how the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers affects state capacity in formerly ‘peacekept’ states.

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New ways to use knowledge in the UN system

31st Oct 2018

Last June, the Centre for International Studies co-convened the Symposium From “learning lessons” to strategic planning: new ways to use knowledge in the UN system, bringing together current and former UN and government officials and analysts from think tanks and universities.

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Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship Award

14th Jun 2018

Professor Rosemary Foot has been awarded a prestigious Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship for research into China's approach to Human Protection and its image as a responsible great power.

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Renata Dwan appointed Director of UN Institute for Disarmament Research

22nd Mar 2018

University of Oxford alumna, Dr Renata Dwan, has been appointed as Director of theUnited Nations Institute for Disarmament Research UNIDIR (UNIDIR).

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ISA Prize for Herman Salton's 'Dangerous Democracy'

19th Mar 2018

DPIR alumnus, Professor Herman Salton, has won the International Studies Association's Chadwick Alger Prize for Best Book on international organisation and multilateralism.

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Department members meet the United Nations Association of China

15th Mar 2017

Rana Mitter (DPIR) and Annie Hongping Nie from the Oxford University China Centre hosted a specially convened meeting between the UN Governance and Reform Project (CIS) of DPIR involving Richard Caplan, Rosemary Foot and Sam Daws and a delegation from the United Nations Association of China, which consisted of the Director-General Ms Zhang Dan, Deputy Director Zhang Yi, Professor Zhang Haibin and Ms Wang Jie.

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Sam Daws reflects on the next UN Secretary-General

19th Dec 2016

Sam Daws, writing in the magazine of the United Nations Association UK (9 December) reflects on the prospects for António Guterres, the person who will replace the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

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Adam Roberts gives evidence on priorities for the new UN Secretary-General

22nd Jul 2016

Professor Sir Adam Roberts has given evidence to the House of Lords International Relations Committee, as part of an inquiry into the UK's priorities for the new UN Secretary-General.


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Sam Daws comments on first hustings for UN Secretary General job

1st Apr 2016

Sam Daws has been quoted in an article for the Guardian (30 March) entitled 'UN to hold secretary general job hustings for first time ever'.

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Gwen Sasse writes about Russia on the 'world stage'

2nd Oct 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written for 'Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe' (30 September) as part of Carnegie Europe online, in a piece asking the question: Is Russia Back on the World Stage?

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