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Prof. Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Professor Geoffrey Evans

Professor in the Sociology of Politics, Official Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College

Ms Ishrat Hossain

Research topic: Communal Violence in the Bangladesh-Myanmar Borderlands

Dr Manolis Pratsinakis

ONASSIS Research Fellow

Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse

Professor in Comparative Politics, Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Harassment Officer

Associate Professor Patricia M. Thornton

Associate Professor of Chinese Politics, Fellow of Merton College

Related News

Professor Yaacov Yadgar appointed as Stanley Lewis Chair of Israel Studies

6th Apr 2017

The School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies and the Department of Politics and International Relations are delighted to welcome Yaacov Yadgar as the Stanley Lewis Chair of Israel Studies.  Professor Yadgar, who is currently teaching politics at Bar-Ilan University, will be joining the university on 1 August 2017 and will be a fellow of St Anne’s.

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Teresa Bejan writes on US politics, Trump and the Protestant Reformation

10th Mar 2017

"As our wars of words threaten to give way to swords, the historically minded may detect an uncanny echo of another, early modern crisis of civility".

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‘Mere Civility’ by Teresa Bejan reviewed in New York Times

13th Jan 2017

Teresa Bejan’s new book, Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration, has been reviewed by the New York Times (11 January).

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Gwendolyn Sasse writes about a change in the landscape of Ukraine’s local politics

13th Oct 2016

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article on a recent change in Ukraine’s local politics for Carnegie Europe, first published on 3 October and published yesterday in a series of answers to the 'Question of the Week' on the Carnegie Europe blog 'Strategic Europe'.

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Iain McLean on the anniversary of the disasters, natural and political, at Aberfan

13th Oct 2016

Friday 21 October, eight days from today, will mark the 50th anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in modern British history: the collapse of a colliery spoil tip onto the town of Aberfan that lead to 144 deaths, including more than 100 children who were killed when their school was crushed by the land slide.

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Alexander Betts gives TED talk on "Why Brexit happened - and what to do next"

28th Jul 2016

Alexander Betts has given a TED talk on the UK's Brexit vote, why it happened, and what to do next.

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Geoffrey Evans explains why he feels Tony Blair is the real architect of Brexit

5th Jul 2016

Geoffrey Evans was one of a group of academics who spoke in a televised seminar entitled "Britain's European vote: The Outcome and Implications of the EU Referendum on EU membership"  for the BBC Parliament channel (30 June).

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Margaret MacMillan comments on increase in racist incidents in the UK following the EU referendum

1st Jul 2016

Margaret MacMillan was interviewed for the 'World Update' programme on the BBC World Service (28 June) in an episode entitled 'Brexit: European Reaction', in which she was specifically asked about reports of an increase in racist incidents in the wake of the EU referendum result.

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Sudhir Hazareesingh on French social and political conflict

1st Jun 2016

Sudhir Hazareesingh has written an article in the Times Literary Supplement (27 May) reviewing books by the historian Pascal Ory and by the former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, both dealing with the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2015.  In this article Sudhir discusses how French progressives should respond to the jihadi threat.  The full article can be read here:

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Sudhir Hazareesingh discusses Delacroix and De Gaulle

19th Feb 2016

Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh recently appeared on BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking, where he discussed the republican ideal of freedom in the context of the Delacroix exhibition which has just opened at the National Gallery in London.

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Gwen Sasse and Félix Krawatzek write on the lessons we can learn from the experiences of German migrants to the US

19th Feb 2016

Gwen Sasse and Félix Krawatzek have published an article on The Conversation, in which they discuss their research into the experiences of German migrants to the US.

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Stuart White discusses making inheritance fairer on BBC Radio 4's 'Analysis'

15th Feb 2016

Stuart White appeared BBC Radio 4's 'Analysis' (15 February), a programme which examines ideas shaping public policy.

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