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Mr. Alan Angell

Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Professor Ben Ansell

Professor of Comparative Democratic Institutions, Nuffield College

Dr Elizabeth Frazer

Associate Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, New College

(Ph.D.) Anja Giudici

Postdoctoral Research Fellow SCHOOLPOL Project

Prof Anthony Heath

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Professor of Nuffield College

Dr. Paul Martin

Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Wadham College

Alan Ryan

Former Warden of New College

Mr Endrit Shabani

Research topic: Playing to lose in the international arena

Related News

Matthew Walton leads links between Oxford and Myanmar

18th Feb 2016

Matthew Walton, Aung San Suu Kyi Senior Research Fellow in Modern Burmese Studies at St Anthony's College, and Associate Member of DPIR was referenced in a recent article in Times Higher Education, which discussed growing links between the University of Oxford and universities in Myanmar.

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Elias Dinas discusses political families

30th Nov 2015

Elias Dinas, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics, has been quoted in an article in the New York Times, discussing political differences within families, and the potential for argument.

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Nic Cheeseman writes about Africa's 'education woes'

6th Nov 2015

Nic Cheeseman has co-authored an article (with Dr Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock) in the Daily Nation (1 November) about the problems of funding higher education throughout Africa.

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Ursula Hackett wins Sir Walter Bagehot Dissertation Prize 2014

27th Apr 2015

Congratulations to Ursula Hackett, who has won the Sir Walter Bagehot Dissertation Prize 2014 for her doctoral thesis on inter-state variation in aid for children at private religious schools in the United States.

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Ricardo Soares de Oliveira quoted on 'why the West loves a kleptocrat'

10th Mar 2015

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira's new book, 'Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola since the Civil War', has formed the basis of an article in the Financial Times entitled 'Why the west loves a kleptocrat' (6 March).

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