Keyword: Foreign Policy and diplomacy

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Dr Lucy Abbott

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Mr Ebenezer Azamati

Research topic: The Liberal Peace in a Contested World Order: Reflections on the Realpolitik Intentions in Illiberal Great Nations’ Conceptions of International Liberal Doctrines

Dr Gordon Barrett

Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese History & Politics

Professor Archie Brown

Emeritus Professor of Politics

Mr Malcolm Deas

Emeritus Fellow of Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Professor Anne Deighton

Emeritus Professor of European International Politics, Fellow, Wolfson College

Dr Janina Dill

John G. Winant Associate Professor in U.S. Foreign Policy, Professorial Fellow (Nuffield); Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC)

Professor Cecile Fabre

Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College

Professor Louise Fawcett

Former Head of Department, Professor of International Relations, Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics St Catherines College

Professor Rosemary Foot

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College

Mr Nikita Gryazin

Research topic: UK Foreign Policy Transformation after Brexit

Kate Guy

Research topic: Climate change, security, international order and governance

Professor Todd H. Hall

Professor of International Relations, Tutorial Fellow in Politics for St Anne's College

Yang HAN

Research topic: China's Discourse on Africa and its Outlook on International Hierarchies

Mr Edward Howell

Research topic: Juche H-bomb: Nuclear ideology and North Korea's survival

Ms Sharinee Jagtiani

Research topic: Rethinking Regions and Status in International Relations: The Case of India

Professor Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School "Natural Governance" Programme

Dr Robert Johnson

Director of the Changing Character of War Centre

Catherine Laporte-Oshiro

Research topic: US Economic Policy Toward China in the Post-Cold War Era

Mr Arthur PB Laudrain

Research topic: State response to cyber-enabled electoral interference

Miklós K. Lázár

Research topic: The Development of European Energy Collaboration from an Early Classical Geopolitics Perspective


Research topic: Theory of International Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Maritime Disputes

Professor Neil MacFarlane

Lester B Pearson Professor of International Relations and Fellow, St Annes College

Dr Hartmut Mayer

Offical Fellow and Lecturer in Politics (International Relations), St Peters College, University of Oxford

Vanessa Meier

Research topic: Causes and Consequences of External Support to Civil Wars

Professor Rana Mitter

Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, Fellow, St Cross College

Mr Marco Moraes

Research topic: The League of Nations secretariat and internationalism in the interwar period

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Research topic: The spread of nuclear-weapon-free zones in the Global South

Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College

Dr Nicholas Owen

Joint Head of Department, Associate Professor of Politics, Praelector in Politics, The Queen's College

Dr Andrew Payne

Hedley Bull Research Fellow in International Relations; William Golding Junior Research Fellow

Rose Pinnington

Research topic: Donor approaches to supporting public sector reform in Africa

Samuel Ramani

Research topic:

Emeritus Professor Avi Shlaim

Emeritus Professor of International Relations

Prof Kate Sullivan de Estrada

Associate Professor in the International Relations of South Asia

Mr Yuan Yi Zhu

Research topic: The Theories and Practices of Legal Sovereignty in Republican China

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Britain and China's post-COVID-19 future

8th Apr 2020

Rana Mitter, Director of the Oxford China Centre and Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, reflects on the British government’s threat to go 'back to the diplomatic drawing board' with Beijing after the COVID-19 crisis in This Week in Asia.

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The end of the Cold War to today's dangerous tensions with Russia

20th Jun 2018

Professor Archie Brown reviews Michael McFaul's political memoir,' From Cold War to Hot Peace' for the Washington Post on how US-Russia relations have descended into mutual distrust.

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Why Russia is violating sanctions against North Korea

26th Apr 2018

Samuel Ramani examines why Russia is undermining the international agreement to isolate North Korea until Kim Jong-un gives up its nuclear programme.

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US - North Korea dialogue - at what price?

12th Apr 2018

Edward Howell considers the "willingness" of North Korea to give up its nuclear programme.

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The Diplomacy Behind Kim Jong-un's China Visit

4th Apr 2018

Rana Mitter comments on the significance of King Jong-Un's surprise visit to China on Radio 4.

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Two Awards for Samuel Faure for European and Strategic Studies Research

7th Mar 2018

Dr Samuel Faure has received two prestigious PhD awards for his doctoral research on the politics of defence procurement in Europe, which bridges European and strategic studies.

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Samuel Ramani writes on Russia’s new diplomatic strategy in the Middle East

17th Oct 2017

Samuel Ramani has written an article (12 October) for The National Interest blog entitled ‘Russia Is Expanding Its Great-Power Project in the Middle East’.

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Kalypso Nicolaïdis calculates the likely value of Britain’s Brexit deal

20th Jan 2017

“Do we know more now about the likely shape of the future Brexit deal?” writes Kalypso Nicolaïdis in an article (17 January) for the European Council on Foreign Relations blog, adding that “the fundamentals are arguably simple enough to be described in three short equations, each of which gives us a clue about an eventual Deal UK”.

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Ricardo Soares de Oliveira on the problem with English

17th Jan 2017

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira has been quoted in an article in the Financial Times (12 January online, and 14 January in FT Weekend Magazine) arguing that widespread global knowledge of the English language is a weakness for the US and UK.

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