Keyword: International cooperation

Related People

Dr Gordon Barrett

Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese History & Politics

Prof. Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Ms Tuuli-Anna Huikuri

Research topic: Global Governance of International Investment

Professor Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School "Natural Governance" Programme

Professor Edward Keene

Associate Professor of International Relations, Student of Christ Church

Miklós K. Lázár

Research topic: The Development of European Energy Collaboration from an Early Classical Geopolitics Perspective


Research topic: Theory of International Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Maritime Disputes

Professor Walter Mattli

Professor of International Political Economy, Official Fellow of St Johns College

Dr Karolina Milewicz

Associate Professor of International Relations, Fellow of University College

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Research topic: The spread of nuclear-weapon-free zones in the Global South

Lara Olson

Research topic: Linking Good and Bad Civil Society: How Local Networks Promote Peace or Renewed Violence in Protracted Civil Wars

Professor Duncan Snidal

Professor of International Relations, Fellow of Nuffield College

Giuseppe Spatafora

Research topic: Explaining Alliances between Warring Factions and Foreign Sponsors in Civil War

Mr Kenneth Thomas Stiller

Research topic: International Trade

Jeffrey A. Wright

Research topic: Power and Representation in Intergovernmental Organizations

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Britain and China's post-COVID-19 future

8th Apr 2020

Rana Mitter, Director of the Oxford China Centre and Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, reflects on the British government’s threat to go 'back to the diplomatic drawing board' with Beijing after the COVID-19 crisis in This Week in Asia.

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Neil Macfarlane writes on the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

15th Jun 2017

Neil Macfarlane has written a blog article (14 June) for the ZOiS (Zentrum für Osteuropa- und internationale Studien) website, about the organisation for overseeing political, economic, and security cooperation between Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

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Anne Deighton writes on the UK: the problem, not the problem-solvers

23rd Aug 2016

Anne Deighton has written an article for the New European (19 – 25 August) entitled 'We Are Now Not The Problem Solvers – We Are The Problem'.

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Three day training on 'Government, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age'

2nd Jul 2015

On May 28-30, the Cyber Studies Programme conducted a three-day training session for Estonian university students in Tallinn, Estonia.  The theme of the course was “Government, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age.”  The event, which targeted students working in non-technical fields, was the first in a series of Oxford Training Sessions on the Modern Information Society funded by the European Social Fund and the Estonian Government.

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Rana Mitter writes on the ‘unfinished business’ of the 1937-1945 war between China and Japan

13th Apr 2015

Rana Mitter has written an article (1 April) for the Global Times (China) entitled ‘Unfinished legacy of war shadows Asia’.

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Gwendolyn Sasse asks ‘Remember Crimea?’

27th Mar 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article for Carnegie Europe (27 March) entitled ‘Remember Crimea? A Year Later’.

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Dominic Johnson writes on the 'Survival of the Disciplines'

25th Mar 2015

Dominic Johnson's latest paper, Survival of the Disciplines: Is International Relations Fit for the New Millennium? is out now in the current issue of Millennium: Journal of International Studies.

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Oxford presence at the ISA in New Orleans

3rd Mar 2015

There has been a large Oxford presence at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual meeting that took place in New Orleans from 17 to 21 February, at which over 30 Oxford postdoctoral students, 5 postdoctoral researchers and 7 faculty members attended.

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