Keyword: International security

Related People

Dr Lucy Abbott

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Nicholas Barker

Research topic: The termination and aftermath of civil wars

Professor Martin Ceadel

Professor of Politics, Fellow of New College

Jamie Collier

Research topic: Cyber Security and International Relations

Professor Anne Deighton

Emeritus Professor of European International Politics, Fellow, Wolfson College

Dr Janina Dill

John G. Winant Associate Professor in U.S. Foreign Policy, Professorial Fellow (Nuffield); Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC)

Harald Edinger

Research topic: Russian Foreign Policy Through the Prism of Emotion

Professor Rosemary Foot

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College

Ross James Gildea

Research topic: Political Psychology/International Relations

Kate Guy

Research topic: Climate change, security, international order and governance

Dr Annette Idler

Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations and at Pembroke College; Director of Studies, Changing Character of War Programme

Professor Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School "Natural Governance" Programme

Dr Robert Johnson

Director of the Changing Character of War Centre

Lucas Kello

Associate Professor of International Relations, Director of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, Co-Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (Dept of Computer Science)


Research topic: Theory of International Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Maritime Disputes

Professor Neil MacFarlane

Lester B Pearson Professor of International Relations and Fellow, St Annes College

Dr. Juan Masullo

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Hartmut Mayer

Offical Fellow and Lecturer in Politics (International Relations), St Peters College, University of Oxford

Vanessa Meier

Research topic: Causes and Consequences of External Support to Civil Wars

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Research topic: The spread of nuclear-weapon-free zones in the Global South

Virginia Consuelo Nizza

Research topic: Cyber Security and International Relations

Dr Andrew Payne

Hedley Bull Research Fellow in International Relations

Samantha Potter

Research topic: International Relations and Outer Space Governance

Professor Sir Adam Roberts

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics & International Relations

Professor Andrea Ruggeri

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College

Emeritus Professor Avi Shlaim

Emeritus Professor of International Relations

Giuseppe Spatafora

Research topic: Explaining Alliances between Warring Factions and Foreign Sponsors in Civil War

Valentin Weber

Research topic: Cyber Security and International Relations

Related News

Two Awards for Samuel Faure for European and Strategic Studies Research

7th Mar 2018

Dr Samuel Faure has received two prestigious PhD awards for his doctoral research on the politics of defence procurement in Europe, which bridges European and strategic studies.

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Department launches new Centre for Technology and Global Affairs

9th Nov 2017

The department is pleased to announce the establishment of The Centre for Technology and Global Affairs. The Centre is the first global research initiative focusing on the study of technology in a political science department at any of the world’s major universities. Its members will produce interdisciplinary research and provide analysis on the impact of modern technology on international relations, government, and society. They will apply new knowledge to guide the design of policies to manage this impact.

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Sir Julian King speaks on cyber security

27th Jan 2017

Sir Julian King, European Union Commissioner for the Security Union, spoke on 'A Comprehensive Approach to Evolving Cyber Threats' at a workshop hosted by the Cyber Studies Programme in the Department of Politics and International Relations. The event was chaired by Dr Lucas Kello and Mr Robert Madelin.


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Florian Egloff writes about the risks of making policy out of cyber privateering

21st Nov 2016

Florian Egloff, Research Affiliate of the Cyber Studies Programme, has written an article (17 November) for Lawfare, a U.S. national security policy website, about the risks of cyber privateering as a policy choice for the United States.

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Matthew Longo wins 2016 APSA Leo Strauss prize

29th Jun 2016

Congratulations to Matthew Longo for winning this year's Leo Strauss Award for the Best Dissertation in Political Philosophy at the American Political Science Association awards.

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Our special blog series in association with Brazilian website 'Politike'

26th Apr 2016

This spring our blog OxPol is publishing a selection of articles from Politike, a Brazilian website associated with the magazine CartaCapital.  Politike will also be publishing articles from OxPol, which will be available at

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Jonathan Leader Maynard interviewed on recent terrorist bombings

31st Mar 2016

Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard recently took part in two extended interviews on TalkRadio to discuss recent terrorist bombings which have taken place in Brussels and Lahore.

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Jonathan Leader Maynard interviewed on proposed bombing in Syria

30th Nov 2015

Jonathan Leader Maynard, Departmental Lecturer in International Relations, was interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford on Friday 27th November, offering his comments on the proposal that the UK join air strikes on ISIS in Syria.

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Lucas Kello comments on warnings of cyberwar with Islamic State

18th Nov 2015

Yesterday, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne warned in a speech at GCHQ that Islamic State terrorists are seeking to use “cyber warfare to kill people” in the country. He promised that the government would respond to such an attack with “the full spectrum of actions,” including the use of armed force.

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John Lee writes on Japan's new defence strategy

4th Aug 2015

John Lee has written in World Affairs on changes to Japan's defence policy, with a move towards a more 'proactive' strategy. 

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Gwendolyn Sasse asks ‘Remember Crimea?’

27th Mar 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article for Carnegie Europe (27 March) entitled ‘Remember Crimea? A Year Later’.

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Rana Mitter comments on Japan's '21 Demands'

23rd Mar 2015

Professor Jeff Kingston, director of Asian Studies at Temple University Japan, has written an opinion piece for The Japan Times (7 March) entitled 'Centennial lessons for Abe from the '21 Demands'' that features comments from Rana Mitter.

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