Keyword: Liberalism

Related People

Mr Shai Agmon

Research topic: Political Theory, Institutional Limits of Markets, Legal Philosophy, Public Policy

Dr Teresa M. Bejan

Associate Professor of Political Theory

Paul Billingham

Associate Professor of Political Theory and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Magdalen College

Benedict Coleridge

Research topic: Democratic Deliberation and the Mediational Intelligence of Form

Dr Gideon Elford

Departmental Lecturer in Politics

Emeritus Professor Michael Freeden

Emeritus Professor of Politics

Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh

CUF Lecturer in Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Balliol College

Dr Nicholas Owen

Associate Professor of Politics, Praelector in Politics, The Queen's College

Alan Ryan

Former Warden of New College

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The Threat to Democracy from the Centre

20th Jun 2018

It is not the far left or the far right which is least supportive of democracy, argues DPIR alumnus David Adler in the New York Times.

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Jan Zielonka on the Brexit Counter-Revolution and the Future of Liberalism

15th Feb 2018

Jan Zielonka tells Sky News that Brexit is a counter-revolution against the pillars of liberal order in Europe.

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Teresa Bejan writes about the two clashing meanings of Free Speech

4th Dec 2017

Teresa Bejan has written an article for The Atlantic (2 December) in which she frames the current debate on university campuses about the right to free speech in terms of two opposing ancient Athenian concepts of Freedom of Speech.

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Teresa Bejan writes on US politics, Trump and the Protestant Reformation

10th Mar 2017

"As our wars of words threaten to give way to swords, the historically minded may detect an uncanny echo of another, early modern crisis of civility".

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