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Dr Teresa M. Bejan

Associate Professor of Political Theory

Dr. Scott Blinder

Director, The Migration Observatory, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

Professor Archie Brown

Emeritus Professor of Politics

Professor Martin Ceadel

Professor of Politics, Fellow of New College

Alex Coccia

Research topic: poverty alleviation; political economy of race; state policy choice

Benedict Coleridge

Research topic: Democratic Deliberation and the Mediational Intelligence of Form

Mr Malcolm Deas

Emeritus Fellow of Latin American Politics, St. Antonys College

Professorial Fellow Raymond Duch

Director of Centre for Experimental Social Sciences, Fellow of Nuffield College

Dr Richard Fletcher

Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Dr Jane Gingrich

Associate Professor of Comparative Political Economy, Magdalen

Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh

CUF Lecturer in Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Balliol College

Dr David Hine

Associate Professor of Politics and Student of Christ Church

Emeritus Professor Christopher Hood

Emeritus Professor of Government, Fellow, All Souls College

Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Professor of Political Communication; Director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Related News

Christopher Hood on the ‘boiling frog’ theory that explains austerity cuts attitudes

4th Jul 2017

A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics, by Christopher Hood and Dr Rozana Himaz of Oxford Brooks University, has been the subject of an article in the Oxford Mail (30 June), about how the slow and prolonged government spending cuts have affected public opinion, particularly in elections.  

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Monica Richter's MPhil research quoted in The Times

3rd Aug 2016

Monica Richter's research has been quoted in an article by The Times on the Russian-backed news channel, Russia Today.

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Innar Liiv on the use of data science and Big Data in the public sector

16th Jun 2016

On 15 June 2016, Innar Liiv, Associate Professor of Data Science in the Department of Informatics at Tallinn University of Technology and a Cyber Studies Visiting Research Fellow, gave a seminar on the use of data science and Big Data in the public sector. The talk reviewed conceptual frameworks that help to make sense of "Data for Policy” as an emerging field of interdisciplinary study. Dr Liiv also discussed policy challenges and opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, Big Data sources, and emerging research domains (computational social science and political bots), as well as de-anonymisation and privacy issues.

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DPIR academics criticise misinformation in EU Referendum campaigns

14th Jun 2016

Anne Deighton, Cecile Fabre, Iain McLean, Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Alan Ryan, Zofia Stemplowska and Richard Caplan were among over 200 academics who have signed an open letter to the Daily Telegraph, criticising misinformation in the EU Referendum campaigns.

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Gwendolyn Sasse writes on the politics of the Eurovision Song Contest

18th May 2016

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article for Carnegie Europe (17 May) about the curious implications of a Eurovision Song Contest in which the winning song, by the Ukrainian singer Jamala, explicitly references the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people from Crimea to Central Asia - a deportation masterminded by Joseph Stalin in 1944.

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The Digital News Project 2016

13th Apr 2016

Introducing the Digital News Report - the world’s largest comparative international survey of changing news habits.

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Félix Krawatzek discusses the Politics of the Future

12th Apr 2016

The ways politicians, governments, think-tanks, campaigning groups and the public think about political futures is continuously negotiated and deeply contested. Who shapes the ways we think about the future?

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Jonathan Leader Maynard on the difference between hate speech and dangerous speech

17th Mar 2016

Jonathan Leader Maynard has written an article for the Free Speech Debate website (16 March) exploring what links there are between hate propaganda and genocide, and how they could be proved.

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Iain McLean briefs Steward Wood on a 'Public Advocate' for victims of national disasters

2nd Feb 2016

On 29 January, a bill proposed by Lord Michael Mills was debated in the House of Lords.  The bill proposed that a 'public Advocate' be established to "provide advice to, and act as data controller for, representatives of the deceased after major incidents".  Stewart Wood spoke in favour of this proposition and, having been briefed extensively by Iain McLean and his former research officer Martin Johnes (now at Swansea University), cited the example of the Aberfan tragedy of 1966 and the "stunning combination of insensitivity and professional self-protection" from the inquiry that followed it.

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Iain McLean advises House of Lords committee on the devolution of UK public spending

24th Sep 2015

On Tuesday 15 September, Iain McLean spoke to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee about the complexities of how public spending can be devolved between the parliaments of the United Kingdom: a question that remains relevant with the renewed suggestions from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon of another referendum for Scottish independence.

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Google and RISJ agree grant for major expansion of the Digital News Report

8th Sep 2015

Further to the announcement by Google in April of their Digital News Initiative and the increased support that would involve for the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, Oxford University and Google have now agreed the details of the new grant.

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International Journal of Press/Politics to DPIR

6th Jan 2015

The International Journal of Press/Politics, the premier academic journal of comparative research on news media and political communication, has moved to the Department of Politics and International Relations this January, as Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Director of Research Rasmus Kleis Nielsen has taken over as editor.

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