Keyword: Normative theory

Related People

Dr Samuel Bagg

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics

Professor Giovanni Capoccia

Professor of Comparative Politics, Fellow, Corpus Christi College

Dr Janina Dill

John G. Winant Associate Professor in U.S. Foreign Policy, Professorial Fellow (Nuffield); Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC)

Farsan Ghassim

Research topic: Survey experiments on world public opinion about global democracy and governance

Mr Johann Go

Research topic: Global justice; distributive justice; migration; global health

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Alexander Betts's latest TED talk: 'Our refugee system is failing. Here's how we can fix it'

8th Mar 2016

A million refugees arrived in Europe this year, says Alexander Betts, and "our response, frankly, has been pathetic." Betts studies forced migration, the impossible choice for families between the camps, urban poverty and dangerous illegal journeys to safety. In this insightful talk, he offers four ways to change the way we treat refugees, so they can make an immediate contribution to their new homes. "There's nothing inevitable about refugees being a cost," Betts says. "They're human beings with skills, talents, aspirations, with the ability to make contributions — if we let them."

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