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Professor Anne Deighton

Emeritus Professor of European International Politics, Fellow, Wolfson College

Susan Divald

Research topic: Hungarian minority autonomy claims in Romania and Slovakia

Harald Edinger

Research topic: Russian Foreign Policy Through the Prism of Emotion

Mr Nikita Gryazin

Research topic: UK Foreign Policy Transformation after Brexit

Professor Walter Mattli

Professor of International Political Economy, Official Fellow of St Johns College

Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College

Mr Endrit Shabani

Research topic: Playing to lose in the international arena

Professor James Tilley

Professor of Politics and Fellow of Jesus College

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Two Awards for Samuel Faure for European and Strategic Studies Research

7th Mar 2018

Dr Samuel Faure has received two prestigious PhD awards for his doctoral research on the politics of defence procurement in Europe, which bridges European and strategic studies.

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Jan Zielonka on the Brexit Counter-Revolution and the Future of Liberalism

15th Feb 2018

Jan Zielonka tells Sky News that Brexit is a counter-revolution against the pillars of liberal order in Europe.

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Sir Julian King speaks on cyber security

27th Jan 2017

Sir Julian King, European Union Commissioner for the Security Union, spoke on 'A Comprehensive Approach to Evolving Cyber Threats' at a workshop hosted by the Cyber Studies Programme in the Department of Politics and International Relations. The event was chaired by Dr Lucas Kello and Mr Robert Madelin.


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Oxfordshire sixth-formers to quiz Kenneth Clarke about implications of Brexit

17th Nov 2016

The Department of Politics and International Relations and the Bodleian Libraries are holding their second joint Parliament Week event today.  This is a closed event for sixth-form students; 90 sixth form students will attend, from 9 different schools in Oxfordshire and one in Buckinghamshire.  The event will give students the opportunity to debate the evolving relationship between the UK and the EU– from joining in 1975 to the Brexit vote of 2016.

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Anne Deighton speaks to Finnish Parliament about Brexit

28th Oct 2016

Anne Deighton has recently given a speech (21 October) to the Finnish National Parliament’s Grand Committee (for EU matters) on the UK, the EU and Brexit.

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Anne Deighton writes on the UK: the problem, not the problem-solvers

23rd Aug 2016

Anne Deighton has written an article for the New European (19 – 25 August) entitled 'We Are Now Not The Problem Solvers – We Are The Problem'.

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Alexander Betts gives TED talk on "Why Brexit happened - and what to do next"

28th Jul 2016

Alexander Betts has given a TED talk on the UK's Brexit vote, why it happened, and what to do next.

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Robert Rohrschneider comments on whether Brexit will have a domino effect

7th Jul 2016

Robert Rohrschneider, Fulbright Visiting Professor of Politics at Pembroke College, has been quoted in an article for US broadcaster CBS's 'Moneywatch' website, in an article (27 June) entitled "Will Brexit spur an exodus from the EU?"

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Sudhir Hazareesingh gives his thoughts on Brexit to French magazine 'Télérama'

4th Jul 2016

Sudhir Hazareesingh has been interviewed by French magazine Télérama (30 June) about what the possiblity of Britain leaving the EU means to him, personally and professionally.

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'The Brexit Vote Shows How Hard It Is to Defend the EU' - David Miller writes for Foreign Policy

23rd Jun 2016

David Miller has written an article for Foreign Policy Magazine's website on the 'Brexit' debate, in which he argues that the EU referendum campaign has been notable for the lack of emphasis placed on positive arguments for EU democracy by 'Remain' campaigners.

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"Will the UK Referendum Irreparably Damage Europe?" - Gwen Sasse responds

22nd Jun 2016

Gwendolyn Sasse is part of an expert panel responding to a question set by Carnegie Europe's Strategic Europe blog - "Will the UK Referendum Irreparably Damage Europe?"

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DPIR academics criticise misinformation in EU Referendum campaigns

14th Jun 2016

Anne Deighton, Cecile Fabre, Iain McLean, Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Alan Ryan, Zofia Stemplowska and Richard Caplan were among over 200 academics who have signed an open letter to the Daily Telegraph, criticising misinformation in the EU Referendum campaigns.

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Anne Deighton signs open letter refuting claims of a 'European Army'

3rd Jun 2016

Anne Deighton is a signatory on an open letter to The Times (30 May) refuting a claim made by the paper days before.

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