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Dana Mills

Dana Mills

(DPhil (Oxon), MA (politics; distinction), BA (psychology, politics; distinction))

College Lecturer at Hertford College
Political Theory
Hertford College

My first book, Dance and Politics: moving beyond boundaries, is forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2016.I have completed my doctoral thesis which examined the relationship between politics and dance. The thesis focused on the work of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, and discusses their work with relation to Nietzsche and ancient Greek sources. More broadly I work on/ with contemporary non- analytical philosophy and am especially interested in the work of Jacques Rancière, but also very much in the work of Hannah Arendt. I work in the intersection between philosophy, aesthetics, cultural theory and political theory, seeking to illuminate the specific significance dance has for those fields.

Research interests include: radical democratic theory, feminist political theory, theatre and performance theory, aesthetics, critical theory and human rights, embodiment theory.

Political Theory

I teach the following undergraduate papers: Theorizing the democratic state (prelims paper); Theory of Politics; Political Theory: Plato to Rousseau; Political Theory: Bentham to Weber. I also teach a module for the Women's Studies MST which fosuces on humanism and embodiment in contemporary feminist political theory.

Visiting Research Fellow; Department of Classics, Northwestern University ; Visiting Research Fellow; Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.

I campaign on various issues around human rights. I also campagin with Endangered Bodies, a global-local initiative against body hatred, convened by Susie Orbach.

Middle East politics (Israel/ Palestine), art and politics, gender.