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Iason Gabriel

Iason Gabriel

Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Politics at St John's College
Political Theory
St John's College

Iason Gabriel is a Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Politics at St John’s College, Oxford and a member of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ). Before taking up this academic position, he was a College Lecturer in Political Theory and International Relations at Worcester College. He previously earned a doctorate in Politics and an M.Phil in International Relations from the University of Oxford. He also spent time at Harvard University and at Princeton University where he worked on a number of projects that address the problem of global justice.

Iason’s work focuses primarily on the responsibility to eradicate extreme poverty, the question of moral motivation, and the development of political institutions that can better serve cosmopolitan aims. His work explores different claims about the normative and practical situation of affluent people, arguing that failure to assist those living in poverty is not only morally questionable but also often contrary to reason. To address this situation, he argues for the development of new institutions that are able to discharge responsibilities owed to the global poor on a collective basis. His recent work explores the ethics of philanthopy and effective altruism.

Institutions and organisations International ethics and global justice Rights and justice

Undergraduate: Introducation to the Theory and Practice of Politics, Theory of Politics, International Relations.
Graduate: Foundations (at the Blavatnik School of Government).