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Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

(BSc (Bristol), MSc and DPhil (Oxon))

Lecturer in Politics at Wadham
Comparative Politics and Government
Wadham College

I am a Lecturer in Politics at Wadham, covering for Dr Paul Martin until 2016. I took his DPhil at Wadham, before leaving to teach at St Hilda's, Univ, Worcester and Pembroke Colleges.

"Dehumanising human rights: The use of language in UK anti-discrimination and equality law." Forthcoming
"Legislative language and judicial activism: Why UK immigration law is increasingly made by judges" Forthcoming
"Indeterminate sovereignty and the rule of law: A descriptive analysis of changes to parliament’s use of language" British Politics (2015, forthcoming).
"What role has the language of legislation played in changes to the constitutional role of senior judges in British politics since 1960?" Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (2012)
Human rights Constitutions and Government Equality Institutions and organisations Parliaments Refugees and migration

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