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Constitutional Studies Programme - Research


Constitutions Under Stress

Constitutions under Stress is a joint initiative between the Oxford Constitutional Studies Programme and the new Constitutional Studies Program at Sciences Po, Paris. It includes public lawyers, political scientists and historians from universities in France and the United States. It is a comparative, interdisciplinary project that aims to understand current constitutional changes and instabilities in both countries within the context of their rich histories; its objective is to gather workshops in both countries over the next three years (2015–2018) and to hold a symposium at the conclusion, publishing a book simultaneously in French and in English. We welcome potential participants in these workshops. Please contact Scot Peterson (scot.peterson@politics.ox.ac.uk) if you are interested.

Undergraduate Journal of Political and Constitutional Studies

In 2015 the programme launched its undergraduate Journal of Political and Constitutional studies, which publishes high-quality articles by undergraduate students in law, politics and history from Oxford and other universities. The journal is supported by an editorial staff and is overseen by faculty members at Balliol and other colleges and who are members of multiple disciplines, including law, history and political science. The inaugural issue included articles on human rights in the United Kingdom, the Corsican Republic of 1729 and decentralized government in developed and developing nations. Further issues are planned, and undergraduate who are interested in authoring articles for the journal are encouraged to contact Joshua Jesudason (joshua.jesudason@balliol.ox.ac.uk), who is the editor-in-chief.

The Science of Constitutions: Measures of Success and Failure

The constitutional studies programme is a participant in the project, The Science of Constitutions: Measures of Success and Failure, which is sponsored by the Foundation for Law, Society and Justice and the Oxford Socio-Legal Studies Centre. On 1 June, the project held a day-long workshop with participants from Edinburgh University, Bucharest University and Sofia University, as well as practitioners from the United Nations and the legal profession. Further workshops are anticipated.