Student profile: Mira Wolf-Bauwens

Mira Wolf-Bauwens

Although I enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of my undergraduate degree (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), I wanted to focus on one specific subject area for my graduate studies. It was clear that it was political theory that I wanted to engage with further and pursue in more depth.

The programme offered here is particularly attractive for several reasons. As a two-year-programme it allows students who did not study political theory for their undergraduate degree to get a detailed understanding of the different debates and an overview of the most recent research. It is particularly inspiring to be taught by the academics who lead these debates and to discuss with them in person. Moreover, the community of political theorists is outstanding. The people who come to study political theory here have diverse academic and professional backgrounds but are all passionate about political theory. As a result the discussions about social justice or the nature of the political are enthusiastic and very intellectually stimulating. What is more, these discussions do not stay within the classroom but continue in one of Oxford’s many pubs and parks or are extended to a wider audience at one of the conferences and workshops, which take place frequently throughout the academic year.

For me this first year has been marked by a great combination of having my views challenged and at the same time positive and supportive feedback. This has encouraged me to look forward to writing my MPhil thesis and has strengthened my wish to continue doing political theory in the long term.

All in all, Oxford offers a great environment to pursue one’s graduate studies. The myriad extra-curricular opportunities can keep you so occupied that you may sometimes forget the ‘real’ world outside Oxford. However you will be reminded of it in your college or in the Department when talking to people who come from all over the world and tell you fascinating stories about their lives. 

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