Cyber Studies Programme - About Us


The Cyber Studies Programme seeks to create a new body of knowledge that clarifies the consequences of information technology for the structures and processes of political systems. 

Our research mission is (a) to produce scholarly works that contribute to major academic debates and opinions; and (b) to apply these new understandings in the analysis of major policy problems affecting the security and welfare of states and citizens.

Our teaching mission is (a) to support, guide, and train students and researchers in Oxford, Estonia, and beyond in the work and methods of cyber studies within the subdisciplines of political science; and (b) to foster understanding across technical and non-technical communities to promote the development of this new field of study more broadly.

Oxford-Wide Partnerships

The Programme is sponsored by the Centre for International Studies at the Department of Politics and International Relations. We also have ties across the University community, including partnerships with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, the Oxford Internet Institute, and the Bodleian Libraries via the Oxford University Research Archive. The Programme participates actively in a number of University research networks, including Cyber Security Oxford and War and Peace in Oxford.


The work of the Cyber Studies Programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the Estonian Government.