Dr Ben Lauderdale from the Department of Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science will deliver a special masterclass on Tuesday 24th May 2016. Ben’s research focusses on the measurement of political preferences from survey, voting, network and text with a particular focus on using text data.


This event will present the latest developments in ways social scientists can use text and provides an excellent opportunity to explore the promises but also the limitations of this quickly expanding research field.

The session is open to all interested in text analysis but please register for this event.


For further information on text analysis in social science see Felix Krawatzek and Andy Eggers Podcast Series 

2016-05-24 15:00:00

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2016-05-24 17:30:00
Dr Ben Lauderdale (London School of Economics)
DPIR Text Analysis Masterclass: "How do we control what we measure using quantitative text analysis methods?"