Oxford Replication Games

27 Sep 2024
08:30 UK time
Manor Road Building, Seminar Rooms and the ESRC Room , Manor Road OX1 3UQ
Organiser contact
Members of the University only
Open to graduate students, staff, or independent researchers. Participants will need at least basic knowledge of either: R, Stata, or Python.
The Oxford Replication Games is a one-day event bringing people together to collaborate on replicating papers in high ranking political science and economics journals. Replication is a crucial aspect of scientific research, ensuring that results are reliable and reproducible. By participating in the event, you will contribute to the integrity of research while having the opportunity to meet fellow researchers and develop your coding skills. The event is sponsored by the Institute for Replication: Institute for Replication (i4replication.org).

Participants can register on their own, in which case they will be assigned to a small team of 2-5 people with similar research interests, or they can register as a pre-arranged team. A study from a leading journal will then be assigned to each team. Teams may either conduct a robustness replication by duplicating the prior study using the same data but different procedures than were originally used, or they may recode the study using the raw or intermediate data.

All participants will be granted co-authorship to a meta-paper combining a large number of replications.