European Politics and Society

The MPhil in Politics: European Politics and Society is an advanced two-year (21-month) postgraduate degree. The degree is taught by a group of scholars who specialise in many aspects of European integration, European politics and policies, contemporary European history, Europe’s external relations, comparative government in Europe, and the political systems of individual European countries.

It is based around specialised seminars and classes, lectures - many by visiting speakers - and tutorials for individual learning. In the second year, you have a wide range of options from which to choose, including some of those offered within other Oxford graduate programmes (such as International Relations; Russian and East European Studies; Political Theory). You will have written examinations, and will write a 30,000 word thesis.

Oxford also gives extensive research and methodological training which is essential for those who may wish to embark upon doctoral research. This enables you to acquire substantive knowledge, including a variety of qualitative research approaches, as well as some quantitative training, widening your transferable skills as young scholars, as well as for the job market.

We encourage you to find internships, research assistantships, voluntary work or part-time work, especially during the long vacation after the end of your first year with us, so you can be better informed when thinking about your options after the degree.

The MPhil in Politics: European Politics and Society offers you the opportunity to engage with scholars and also with practitioners from various European countries and institutions. It provides a solid foundation for a wide range of careers, including academic, professional, commercial, diplomatic and governmental positions. Our students go on to take doctorates in Oxford or elsewhere, and then find academic posts; they work in European Institutions; national institutions and diplomacy in many countries; policy-making and NGO work; or go into businesses in the UK, Europe and beyond.