Demystifying Private Sector Standard Bodies

Walter Mattli
Uncovering the inherent secrecy of global rule-making bodies

Ethical Principles for Climate Change Policy

Simon Caney
Using ethical principles to guide climate change policy

Good Governance within Global Institutions

Ngaire Woods
Accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness for international organisations

In the Shadow of the General: Modern France and the Myth of de Gaulle

Sudhir Hazareesingh
The myth behind the de Gaulle and what it reveals much about the modern French psyche

Integrating the Individual into Military Ethics

David Rodin
How do our views about conflcit change if we take human rights as the basis for moral thinking about war?

Learning From Disaster

Iain McLean
Archival research on the Aberfan disaster has a tangible impact on public policy, societal attitudes and the Welsh community

Practising the Virtues

Karma Nabulsi
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas are still relevant today, as Dr Karma Nabulsi's practical work in Palestine shows

Reanimating Participatory Democracy on the Left of British Politics

Marc Stears
How can people and communities influence policymaking?

Regional Expenditure in the UK: Better Data, Fairer Funding

Iain McLean
Should regional funding distribution calculations be based on per capita data or in a needs-sensitive way?

Standards in Public Life

David Hine
The regulation of standards in public life touches on basic questions of democracy - to whom, how and for what are officials accountable?

The Changing Character of Conflict and the Laws of War

Adam Roberts
How have governments and international organisations responded to the changing nature of conflict?

Electoral Reform

Iain McLean
Voting systems, public choice and electoral boundaries

The Responsibility to Protect Against Mass Atrocities

Jennifer Welsh
Jennifer Welsh - Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the Responibility to Protect