Keyword: Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

Related People

Professor Nancy Bermeo

Nuffield Chair of Comparative Politics, MPhil Comparative Goverment Course Director

Prof. Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations and Official Fellow, Linacre College

Ms Jessie Hronešová

Research topic: Reparation Designs: Policies and Politics of Redress in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina

William Jones

Junior Research Fellow in Social Sciences, Stipendiary Lecturer at Balliol College

Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations, Lecturer in International Relations at New College

Dr Heather Roff

Senior Research Fellow- Project on Individual Liability in War

Dr Andrea Ruggeri

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in International Relations, Brasenose College

Dr Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Associate Professor of African Politics, Official Fellow of St Peters College

Ms Sara M. Usher

Research topic: Political Transformation and the Misconception of Stability

Related News

Annette Idler discusses the Colombian vote against its government’s peace deal

4th Oct 2016

Annette Idler has made numerous media appearances commenting on the 'No' vote in the Colombian plebiscite on a peace deal with the FARC rebels.

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Annette Idler interviewed on Aljazeera about the new peace in Colombia

8th Sep 2016

Annette Idler has been interviewed by the ‘Inside Story’ programme on Aljazeera News (30 August) about the ending of hostilities between the FARC guerrilla movement and the Colombian government that took place at the end of August.

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Adam Roberts gives evidence on priorities for the new UN Secretary-General

22nd Jul 2016

Professor Sir Adam Roberts has given evidence to the House of Lords International Relations Committee, as part of an inquiry into the UK's priorities for the new UN Secretary-General.


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Nancy Bermeo and Jasmine Bhatia awarded DFID grant to study 'International Aid and Local Legitimacy'

3rd Jun 2016

Nancy Bermeo and Jasmine Bhatia have been given a Department of International Development award for a project entitled 'International Aid & Local Legitimacy: The Impact of Subnational Governance Programs in Afghanistan'.

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Andrea Ruggeri awarded FBA Research Grant

22nd Feb 2016

Congratulations to Andrea Ruggeri, who has been awarded a Folke Bernadotte Academy Research Grant for a project entitled 'Why and How UN Peacekeeping Leadership Composition Matters'.

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Henning Tamm awarded the 2014 Dasturzada Dr Jal Pavry Memorial Prize

6th May 2015

Congratulations to Henning Tamm, who has been awarded the 2014 Dasturzada Dr Jal Pavry Memorial Prize for his DPhil thesis entitled The Dynamics of Transnational Alliances in Africa, 1990–2010: Governments, Rebel Groups, and Power Politics.  The Pavry Prize is awarded annually by the Social Sciences Board to an outstanding thesis at the University of Oxford on a subject in the area of international peace and understanding.

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Gwendolyn Sasse on whether Russia will escalate

22nd Jan 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written for 'Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe' (21 January) as part of Carnegie Europe online, in a piece asking the question: Will Russia Escalate in Ukraine and Beyond? (1 January)

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