Keyword: Equality

Related People

Filip Bubenheimer

Research topic: Courts in the Welfare State

Dr Daniel Butt

Associate Professor of Political Theory, and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Balliol College, MPhil in Political Theory Course Director.

Professor Simon Caney

Professor in Political Theory, University Lecturer, and Fellow and Tutor in Politics, Magdalen College

Dr Gideon Elford

Lecturer in Politics, Stipendiary Lecturer in Political Theory at New College

Professor Cecile Fabre

Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College

Prof Anthony Heath

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Professor of Nuffield College

Dan Iley-Williamson

Research topic: Distributive Justice and the Duties of Individuals

Bruno Leipold

Research topic: Karl Marx and Republicanism

Professor F. David Rueda

Professor of Comparative Politics, University Lecturer, Fellow, Nuffield College

Alan Ryan

Former Warden of New College

Dr Zofia Stemplowska

Associate Professor of Political Theory, Asa Briggs Fellow, Worcester College

Dr Stuart White

Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Jesus College

Professor Stephen Whitefield

Professor of Politics, Rhodes Pelczynski Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Pembroke College

Matthew Williams

Lecturer in Politics at Wadham

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James Tilley & Geoff Evans talk about the new politics of Class

23rd Feb 2017

Today marks the launch of a new book by Geoff Evans and James Tilley entitled The New Politics of Class: The Political Exclusion of the British Working Class, and both authors have been interviewed extensively in various media, discussing the issues that this book raises.

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David Adler’s report shows house price rises are linked to private tenant evictions

4th Nov 2016

David Adler, a departmental graduate student, has written a report for the Generation Rent organisation which shows that private tenants in England are over 2.5 times as likely to be evicted through no fault of their own as they were seven years ago.

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Geoffrey Evans explains why he feels Tony Blair is the real architect of Brexit

5th Jul 2016

Geoffrey Evans was one of a group of academics who spoke in a televised seminar entitled "Britain's European vote: The Outcome and Implications of the EU Referendum on EU membership"  for the BBC Parliament channel (30 June).

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Stuart White discusses making inheritance fairer on BBC Radio 4's 'Analysis'

15th Feb 2016

Stuart White appeared BBC Radio 4's 'Analysis' (15 February), a programme which examines ideas shaping public policy.

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Ricardo Soares de Oliveira quoted on 'why the West loves a kleptocrat'

10th Mar 2015

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira's new book, 'Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola since the Civil War', has formed the basis of an article in the Financial Times entitled 'Why the west loves a kleptocrat' (6 March).

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