Keyword: International order

Related People

Professor Louise Fawcett

Head of Department, Professor of International Relations, Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics St Catherines College

Professor Rosemary Foot

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations, DPIR, Emeritus Fellow St Antony's College

Paul Hansbury

Research topic: Small powers' agency in international relations

Professor Edward Keene

Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor of International Relations, Student of Christ Church

Dr Lucas Kello

Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Director of the Cyber Studies Programme, Co-Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (Dept of Computer Science)

Joel Ng

Research topic: Norm development in the African Union and ASEAN

Professor Sir Adam Roberts

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics & International Relations

Dr Heather Roff

Senior Research Fellow- Project on Individual Liability in War

Mr Endrit Shabani

Research topic: Who governs Higher Education in Europe?

Max Smeets

Research topic: The Proliferation of Cyber Weapons

Professor Duncan Snidal

Professor of International Relations, Fellow of Nuffield College

Ms. Claire Vergerio

Research topic: History of the laws of war

Mr Mingde Wang

Marie Curie Fellow (PRIMO)

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Ricardo Soares de Oliveira on the problem with English

17th Jan 2017

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira has been quoted in an article in the Financial Times (12 January online, and 14 January in FT Weekend Magazine) arguing that widespread global knowledge of the English language is a weakness for the US and UK.

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Our special blog series in association with Brazilian website 'Politike'

26th Apr 2016

This spring our blog OxPol is publishing a selection of articles from Politike, a Brazilian website associated with the magazine CartaCapital.  Politike will also be publishing articles from OxPol, which will be available at

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Gwendolyn Sasse asks ‘Remember Crimea?’

27th Mar 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article for Carnegie Europe (27 March) entitled ‘Remember Crimea? A Year Later’.

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Oxford presence at the ISA in New Orleans

3rd Mar 2015

There has been a large Oxford presence at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual meeting that took place in New Orleans from 17 to 21 February, at which over 30 Oxford postdoctoral students, 5 postdoctoral researchers and 7 faculty members attended.

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Echoes of Empire

9th Feb 2015

How does our colonial past echo through today's global politics? How have former empire-builders sought vindication or atonement, and formerly colonized states reversal or retribution? This groundbreaking book presents a panoramic view of attitudes to empires past and present, seen not only through the hard politics of international power structures but also through the nuances of memory, historiography and national and minority cultural identities.

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Gwendolyn Sasse on whether Russia will escalate

22nd Jan 2015

Gwendolyn Sasse has written for 'Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe' (21 January) as part of Carnegie Europe online, in a piece asking the question: Will Russia Escalate in Ukraine and Beyond? (1 January)

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