Dr Alex Leveringhaus on why robotic weapons are here to stay

Alex Leveringhaus has co-authored a policy paper on the nature of robotic weapons, urging governments to recognise the increasing prominence of these weapons in contemporary and future forms of warfare and proposing steps towards suitable regulation.  The paper, which was produced by the Oxford Martin School, is available for download here:

As lead author, Alex was also interviewed on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme this morning, and will also talk to the BBC World Service at 10.20am.

He also wrote an opinion piece for the Times in which he said "The use of armed drones against terrorist targets in Pakistan and the Middle East has been controversial but, technologically speaking, they are just the tip of the unmanned weapons iceberg. While the targeting functions in most armed drones are remote-controlled by a human operator, advances in artificial intelligence mean that military robots may soon be able to carry out more complex tasks by themselves."

The article is available (behind a paywall) here: