Dr Andrea Ruggeri receives a British Academy grant to study the composition of UN peacekeeping missions

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    Photo by MONUSCO Photos / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Congratulations to Andrea Ruggeri, who has been awarded a British Academy award for a project that asks whether the composition of UN peacekeeping missions matters and, more specifically, whether the composition of their leadership is a relevant factor in achieving their mandates.

This project will be focused on improving the data quality on mission contribution - both in terms of 'Blue Helmet' peacekeepers and mission leadership - as well as studying how composition and leadership are discussed in UN official documents (by systematically analysing UN documents and reports about UN missions).  It will also provide qualitative material, such as interviews from those who have served as Special Representatives of the Secretary General.  Finally, this grant will allow Andrea to organise a final workshop to present and discuss the findings of this research.

The project starts on 1 April 2016 and ends on 30 March 2018.

Professor Andrea Ruggeri is Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College