Dr Angela Cummine comments on contingency plans for Sovereign Wealth Funds to mitigate domestic political risk

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    Photo: "Gaddafi Mat" by mojomogwai / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Angela Cummine has been quoted in an article by the Financial Times (12 June) about the contingency plans currently being drawn up by the managers of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the light of a dispute over Libya's $66bn fund.

Angela was quoted as saying "Preparing for a coup or regime change and [potentially] losing capacity to manage the assets [of a sovereign wealth fund] is really important given what has gone on in Libya over the past five years."

"There is a strong case for offshore financial arrangements for sovereign wealth funds in unstable states," she addded.  "[These funds should] have a very good working relationship with financial capitals like New York, Switzerland and London and diversify their physical holdings."

The full article can be read here: https://next.ft.com/content/310d3bc0-2efa-11e6-bf8d-26294ad519fc#axzz4BMD9sZNN