Composing Peace shortlisted for top literary award

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Andrea Ruggeri’s book on UN peacekeeping operations has been shortlisted for the Conflict Research Society CRS) Book of the Year Prize 2021.

Composing Peace. Mission Composition in UN Peacekeeping, co-authored with Vincenzo Bove (University of Warwick) and Chiara Ruffa (Swedish Defence University), is one of seven books to be shortlisted for the annual prize.

The book offers an innovative theoretical framework for the study of the United Nations peacekeeping operations and features interviews revealing as yet unexplored dynamics.

Since the end of the Cold War, peacekeeping missions have witnessed an increase in the number of peacekeeping troops deployed; the number of countries providing peacekeepers; the average number of troop-contributing countries per mission; and a change in the pool of countries from which the UN can draw troops. Hence, UN peacekeeping missions have undergone substantive changes including the diversity of mission composition in terms of contributing countries.

The book explores several questions including what diversity means for keeping the peace and whether the differences between mission leadership and Blue Helmets are relevant in stopping conflict and protecting civilians.

“We are all three very excited that our book has been shortlisted for this prize,” said Andrea, a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Department of Politics and International Relations.

“In the past great colleagues have won and we have been shortlisted with other six fantastic books.”

The CRS Book of the Year Prize honours research that is contemporary, exceptional and world leading, and which provides an invaluable contribution to the literature on conflict and peace studies, very broadly defined. 

The prize is an annual award selected from nominations made by leading authorities around the world in the areas of conflict and/or peace studies.

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Professor Andrea Ruggeri is Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College