'Data-Driven Decision Making In Fragile Contexts' by Alexander Hamilton

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    “Hamilton, Alexander; Hammer, Craig. 2017. Data-Driven Decision Making in Fragile Contexts : Evidence from Sudan. Directions in Development—Public Sector Governance;. Washington, DC: World Bank

Alexander Hamilton (DPhil Politics 2012) along with Craig Hammer has published Data-Driven Decision Making In Fragile Contexts

The publication explores methods and insights for data collection and use in fragile contexts, with a focus on Sudan.  It begins by posing several questions on the political economy of data, and then sets out a framework for assessing the validity, reliability, and potential impact of data on decision-making in a fragile country.  It also sets out insights on challenges associated with fragile states, derived from recent data collected in Sudan: the 2014/2015 DFID Sudan household survey.  This includes data-driven analysis of topics including female genital mutilation, public service delivery, and the interplay of governance, service quality, and state legitimacy.