Professor David Anderson on the future of Somalia

David Anderson has commented on the latest initiative to bring peace to Somalia, inaugurated at an international conference hosted in London on Thursday 23 February. Led by Britains Prime Minister David Cameron, this initiative follows the push against Al Shabaab by the Ugandan forces in Mogadischo and the invasions in the south by the Kenyan army and in the central regions by Ethiopias armed forces.

David participated in a discussion of the politics behind the initiative for Moscow international radio station 'Voice of Russia'. A recording of the interview can be heard here.

David also appeared on Al Jazeera's critically acclaimed 'Inside Story' on 23 February to debate the likelihood of the British intervention being successful. A lecture given by Professor Anderson in Oxford on Thursday 23 February, on 'Kenya's Somali invasion', explains the background to these developments and highlights the regional implications of the British intervention. A recording of this can be listened to here. Members of the Somali diaspora have been vociferous in expressing their views on this initiative, and a good cross-section of this opinion has been captured in a video made by London-based journalist Mohamed Aden Hassan, made for the Thomas Reuters Foundation. To watch the video, click here.