David Miliband delivers the 2019 Fulbright Lecture

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    David Miliband delivers the 2019 Fulbright Lecture

The Rt Hon David Miliband delivered the 9th Annual Fulbright Distinguished Lecture on Friday 21 June, on ‘The New "Arrogance of Power": Global Politics in an Age of Impunity’ at Pembroke College, Oxford.

The lecture was chaired by the Chancellor of Oxford University, the Rt Hon Lord Christopher Patten, with introductions from Stephen Whitefield, Professor of Politics, and Penny Egan CBE, Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission.

In his lecture, Mr Miliband examined the major shifts in international relations today, away from checks and balances on the use of power, and towards an Age of Impunity, using his vantage point as CEO of the International Rescue Committee. He explained how the rules-based international order that was forged after World War II is being undermined, and suggested how the multilateralist promise embodied by Senator Fulbright can be redeemed.

Mr Miliband's speech was featured in The Washington Post on 7 July.

Fulbright Lecture 2019, delivered by the Rt Hon David Miliband