Dr Sarmila Bose awarded a BA-ASEASUK-ECAF Visiting Fellowship

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    Yangon, Myanmar. Photo by Tartarin2009 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Sarmila Bose has been awarded a Research Fellowship by the British Academy (BA), Association of South East Asian Studies in the UK (ASEASUK) and European Consortium for Asian Field Study (ECAF) to support her field research in Myanmar as part of her work on long-term armed conflicts in the frontier regions of India and Pakistan.

The purpose of these Fellowships is to enable scholars to make research visits to field-centres operated by the ECAF to advance their personal research in Southeast Asia, build wider networks and contribute to the academic life of the centres.

Sarmila’s research visit will be to the Yangon Centre in Myanmar.

Dr Sarmila Bose is Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies