Dr Félix Krawatzek awarded John Fell Fund grant

Congratulations to Félix Krawatzek, who has been awarded a John Fell Fund grant for a project entitled 'Mapping the Languages of European Memory'.

This project will systematically analyse the languages which have sustained the Europeanisation of national memory discourses over the last decade across six countries.

What borders are established by negotiating the meaning of European history?  What political demands are being expressed through the evocation of "European Memory"?  Do the semantics of "European Memory" vary between core and periphery and according to a country's heritage?  Who are the actors of "European Memory"?

This early career research project aims to lay the foundations for an in-depth study of an extensive collection of representative newspaper articles which testify to the current prominence of "European Memory".  The project explores how the languages of "European Memory" have changed between decisive turning points in Europe (e.g. the EU enlargement from 2004, experiences of terror in London and Madrid, the financial crisis since 2008, experiences of mass migration since 2013/14).  The study systematically covers press output from European countries (UK, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden) and enriches the findings with comparisons to extra-European spaces.  The project will be the first to deliver cutting-edge research, using advanced methods of qualitative content analysis and quantitative corpus analysis, for those questions of academic and public relevance.

The project will run from 11 April 2016 to 31 December 2017.