'Financialization, New Investment Funds, and Labour: An International Comparison' edited by Howard Gospel, Andrew Pendleton, and Sigurt Vitols

Professor Andrew Pendleton of Durham Univeristy (PPE, Wadham 1976-79) has co-edited a book published by OUP in 2014.

The book provides a comprehensive, comparative treatment of the development of New Investment Funds (NIFs)—private equity, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds—and their impact upon labour and employment. Several countries are selected for in-depth treatment with a chapter devoted to each: US, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Poland, and Japan. The book examines variations in the level and type of fund activity between countries, considers influences upon these variations, and analyses differences in the impact of these funds on labour and employment. This analysis is located in a broader discussion of the nature and development of corporate financialization and comparative capitalism. Financialization has supported the development and growth of these funds, and many aspects of these funds exemplify the process of financialization.

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