Professor Gwendolyn Sasse comments on whether Ukraine has time to save itself

Gwendolyn Sasse has appeared in various media over the last few days discussing the second Minsk agreement on a ceasefire in Ukraine.

She wrote a piece in The Conversation (19 February) entitled 'Whether Minsk deal holds or not, Ukraine has time to save itself'.

She also commented in an article for Channel 4 Factcheck (19 February) entitled 'FactCheck: have pro-Russian separatists broken the ceasefire?'.

Gwen also commented in an article for the global edition of Handelslatt (20 February) entitled 'Demoralized, Defeated and Dodging the Draft', in which she wrote:

“It looks like the troops decided to withdraw on their own accord. It is a signal that Kiev and Poroshenko cannot control what parts of the army do.”

Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse is Professor in Comparative Politics, Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Harassment Officer