Professor Gwendolyn Sasse writes about a change in the landscape of Ukraine’s local politics

Gwendolyn Sasse has written an article on a recent change in Ukraine’s local politics for Carnegie Europe, first published on 3 October and published yesterday in a series of answers to the 'Question of the Week' on the Carnegie Europe blog 'Strategic Europe'.

“The process is still in its infancy,” she writes, “[B]ut there is a widespread perception of change at the local level. Local residents and Ukrainian migrants visiting their towns and regions of origin frequently talk about repaired roads and buildings beyond the central streets, tram services running on schedule, and local authorities being more responsive than before. There is also greater public transparency about voting and decisionmaking in local assemblies, not least through media coverage.”

The full article is available to read here:

Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse is Professor in Comparative Politics, Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Harassment Officer