Dr Gwendolyn Sasse writes about early misconceptions in Ukraine's recent local elections

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    Photo: Photo by Carpetblogger (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Gwendolyn Sasse has written a piece for Carnegie Europe (27 October) entitled 'After Ukraine’s Local Elections: Early Misinterpretations'.

She writes, "The most prominent of these misinterpretations are the disappointment about the low turnout—currently estimated to be between 46 and 47 percent...", adding that "[e]lection participation in countries that are not deemed fully fledged democracies tends to be measured against ideal-type benchmarks rather than actual turnout in consolidated democracies."

The full article is available to read here: http://carnegieeurope.eu/strategiceurope/?fa=61760

Prof. Gwendolyn Sasse is Professor in Comparative Politics, Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College, Harassment Officer