How Europe's media covered Brexit according to joint-Reuters Institute research

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The European Journalism Observatory — a network of collaborating research institutes including the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism — has conducted a content analysis of the print editions of three daily newspapers in each of 12 European countries and also in the United States, between June 25 and July 1.

1638 articles about Brexit were examined in newspapers representing a broad spectrum of political opinion. Countries included EU members and non-members: Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the US. In a related study 489 articles were also analysed in three British newspapers over the same period.

European and US newspapers, whatever their political leaning, reported “stunned surprise” and “dismay” after the referendum. While left-wing newspapers were more strongly in favour of the EU and more critical of the outcome of Britain’s referendum arguing it could damage the EU; right-wing newspapers were also generally negative towards Brexit, although their analysis tended to be more understanding towards the reasons behind Britain’s vote to leave.

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