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Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard discusses what more can be done to prevent UK terrorism

Jonathan Leader Maynard has been interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford’s ‘David Prever’ show (5 June) about the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, and whether the General Election on Thursday is influencing how they are discussed.

Jonathan starts by making the point that it is a myth, as some politicians have recently suggested, that prior to these attacks the UK defence and policing organisations been tolerant of or inactive towards domestic terrorism.

He points out that “we have a huge and very effective range of police powers and state powers to work against and counteract terrorism”.  He adds that of course there is always room for improvement, but it would be untrue to say that little or nothing has been done to address the issue in the past.

The full programme can be heard here (Jonathan appears at 01:10:54):


Jonathan also discussed the merits and dangers of allowing citizens to arm themselves on 'The Two Mikes' show for talkSport (5 June), which can be heard here (20 minutes in):