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Professor Kalypso Nicoladis writes on the prospects of an EU guided by Merkenzi (Merkel & Renzi)

Kalypso Nicoladis has written an article for the website of the think-tank Policy Network (4 June) on the real winners and losers from the recent European parliament elections, particularly in the light of the alliance between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (together sometimes referred to as Merkenzi).

In the article Kalypso writes, Together, Angela and Matteo have sent the first and second-largest forces to the European parliament. They are both likely to stay in power for the next four years. And so with due respect for the later protestations against drawing a privileged axis with any country, it is the entente between Italy and Germany that is now most likely to shape the rules of the game in the European Union.

The full article can be read here: http://www.policy-network.net/pno_detail.aspx?ID=4676&title=Merkenzis-Better-Europe