Dr Nancy Yung awarded 2017 Sir Ernest Barker Prize for Political Theory

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    Photo by Susan Taylor Photography

Congratulations to Nancy Yung who has been awarded the Sir Ernest Barker Prize for Political Theory for her thesis – The Right to be Killed: Reassessing the Case for the Moral Right to Voluntary Active Euthanasia. This thesis defends an individual's moral right to be aided in dying by a physician (that is, voluntary active euthanasia, or VAE), but departs significantly from the view in its favor generally accepted in the bioethics literature.

This prize is one of six dissertation prizes awarded by the Political Studies Association, the others being the Walter Bagehot Prize for government and public administration, the Lord Bryce Prize for comparative politics, the Arthur McDougall Fund Prize for elections, electoral systems and representation, the Elizabeth Wiskemann Prize for the study of (in)equality and social justice and the Shirin M. Rai Prize for international relations.

You can learn more about these prizes, and the Political Studies Association, by clicking here: 

Dr Nancy Yung is a former DPhil student at the Department of Politics and International Relations.