New themed blog series for Politics In Spires on 'Political Innovation in an Age of Devolution'

Politics In Spires, the department's blog, has launched a new themed series entitled 'Between Independence & Re-centralisation: Political Innovation in an Age of Devolution'.

Over the coming months, this Special Series will focus on the diverse angles to this debate by identifying and emphasising certain innovative and thought provoking case studies for the purpose of comparison.

Posts will cover topics like the re-scaling of nation-states, constitutional change, the right to decide, independence movements, the federal EU hypothesis, the Europe of Regions approach, democratic participation and civic nationalism in relation to city-regions.

You can read more about this series by clicking here:

For more information or if you are an academic or a policy practitioner who wishes to contribute, please contact Dr Igor Calzada at Oxford Future of Cities – COMPAS: