Nils Röper questions the apparent success of the German economic model

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    Photo by Werner Kunz - Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Nils Röper has written an opinion piece for Die Welt (16 March) in which he examines the current state of the German economy.

He writes (in his own translation), "Two years ago, Gerhard Schröder surprisingly praised Angela Merkel's cautious crisis-management and compared German diplomacy in Europe to porcupines making love: you have to be very careful.  These days, however, Germany increasingly displays its diplomatic spines to the dismay of its transatlantic and European partners. When observing the common depiction of German Euro-Politics, one could get the impression that Merkel, Schäuble, and Co. are on a holy mission defending the German economic model.  But what is this Holy Grail, this German economic model?"

The full article is available (in German) to read here: