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Dr Radoslaw Zubek and Dr David Doyle awarded John Fell OUP Research Fund

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Congratulations to Radoslaw Zubek and David Doyle, who have been awarded a John Fell OUP Research Fund for a project entitled 'Measuring Government Policy with Text Analysis'.

Is government policy enhancing business activity or constraining it?  Are government regulations becoming more or less business friendly?  Is government policy more favourable to some sectors than others?  These and similar questions are ones that citizens and businesses ask every day, but social scientists have only limited tools for measuring governments' business policies, except through broad-brush surveys of regulatory environments.  Against this backdrop, Radoslaw and David propose to apply the recent advances in computational linguistics to undertake a novel machine text analysis to produce detailed estimates of government policy across time and policy fields.

This project will run from 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2017.

Professor David Doyle is Professor of Politics, St. HughsDr Radoslaw Zubek is Associate Professor of European Politics, Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College