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Students worldwide join the Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods

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    Some of the attendees at this year's Spring School

Scores of students from around the world joined this year’s Spring School in Advanced Research Methods, organised by the Department.

The week-long programme – held from 19-23 April - comprised four advanced courses in quantitative and qualitative methods and was held virtually for the first time this year.

A total of 88 people attended the online event – joining from as far afield as the US, Philippines, China, South Africa and Australia.

The backgrounds of the attendees was very diverse: mainly graduate students, but also professors looking to sharpen skills and practitioners in international organisations looking to apply the skills for practical application. 

The course options offered this year were Causal inference with Scott Cunningham (Baylor); Qualitative Methods and Fieldwork with Jody LaPorte (Oxford), Machine learning with Thomas Robinson (Durham) and Quantitative Text Analysis for the Social Sciences with Tom O’Grady (UCL).

Spring School Director Spyros Kosmidis hailed the event as a great success.

“The 2021 Oxford Spring School was a great success! After years of running sessions at Oxford, this year we had to move to online teaching,” he added.

“This was a big challenge for us, but I think our high standards for learning outcomes were met. Both students and tutors enjoyed this year's Spring School.”

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Dr Spyros Kosmidis is Departmental Lecturer in Quantitative Methods